Saturday, 22 July 2017

Here There Be...DRAGONS

DragonsJust hearing the word send a thrill down my spine and puts a smile on my face. Ever since I was child the mention of a dragon in a book meant I was automatically going to pick up the book. Of course that meant that I read some really bad books but it also meant I read some pretty amazing books. This series of posts is going to be all about celebrating those amazing books! 

Today I'm going to talk about two books & dragons: Dealing with Dragons, and Before She Ignites

Dealing with Dragons/Searching for Dragons/Calling on Dragons/Talking to Dragons
by Patricia C Wrede

About the book: 
The gist of this story is that Princess Cimorene doesn't want to get married so she runs away and ends up becoming the princess companion of the dragon Kazul. She meets other dragons, and other princess who have been kidnapped or given to the dragons (so a knight can save them)

I loved how spunky Cimorene was and that it provided a new twist on an old tale. Plus the dragons were main characters so you got to see lots of them 

About the dragons:
In this story the dragons are completely sentient beings. They have their own society with a king, their own traditions, rules and punishments. They exist whether the humans are there or not. AND they are super sassy (especially in regards to their feud with the wizards). I love that they are so completely autonomous because it brings so much depth to their characterization

I love the little things, like a love for a certain dessert (which is served in buckets of course), treasure troves and intricate cave dwellings, to dragon allergies

My only critic would be that the later books do have fewer focuses on the dragons

Before She Ignites
by Jodi Meadows

About the book:
This story centres around a young girl names Mira who has discovered a horrible secret and is betrayed and imprisoned by the people she has spent her life serving. She has to figure out how to survive in her new reality while also trying to save one of the things she loves most- dragons.

About the dragons:

The dragons are a bit wilder in this series- they remind me of our dolphins or elephants. They are incredibly intelligent and you can tell that they are living, breathing, thinking, emotional beings. One thing that makes them a little bit different is that the world of dragons isn't homogenous. There is a full taxonomic scale with different species and families. Each species is unique with well-fleshed out characteristics including size, colour, mating/living habits and special skills. 

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