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I'm very excited to bring you this amazing graphic novel for young readers from Macmillan! Since I am both a reader and a teacher I thought I would share both my thoughts as a reader and as a teacher.

By:  John Patrick Green
Published: May 10th
Publisher: First Second
Source: Publisher (Macmillan)
My Rating: 4/5


The zoo isn't what it used to be. It's run-down and falling apart. Hippo hardly ever gets any visitors. So he decides to set off for the outside with his friend Red Panda. To make it in the human world, Hippo will have to become a Hippopotamister: he'll have to act like a human, get a job, and wear a hat as a disguise. He's a good employee, whether he's a construction worker, a hair stylist, or a sous chef. But what he really needs is a job where he can be himself.

My Reader Thoughts

Within a few seconds of starting this book my very first thought was "oh this is cute!". I'll admit I sat down, started reading and didn't stop until I'd turned the last page. I found that it was a very captivating read, I couldn't wait to see what Hippo and Red Panda were going to do next. It was a very fun read, but still managed to have a nice lesson- which I think it necessary in children's book! I really enjoyed the pacing and the humor, plus the illustrations were super cute and well done. As a grown-up I really loved it, and I can imagine all the kids I know enjoying it too!

Just look at this cute hippo!

My Classroom Thoughts

As a teacher whenever I read MG or kid lit in the back of my mind I am always thinking about what I could do with this book lesson wise, which of my students would enjoy, which of my teacher friends I'd recommend it to and more! So without further ado-my teacher thoughts:
  • Perfect for reluctant readers. I find that graphic novels are a great way to help kids who might struggle with reading or are more reluctant to read. The combination of the pictures with the words helps to boost their confidence and get them excited about reading
  • Great daily reading book. I try to read to my class everyday, even if its only a chapter or two. This book would be perfect for that because its fun and engaging for everyone
  • Jump off for a "try-new-things" assignment. Like the teacher I am I love when I can have a reason for reading a book. Reading this book to the class would be a great way to introduce an assignment to have the kids try something new (whether it was big or small) and have them journal about it later
  • Animal/Zoo based assignment. For a younger crowd this would be a great book to kick off a animal assignment, like a resource report (that maybe even ends in a field trip to the zoo?!)

About the Author

John Patrick Green grew up on Long Island and has worked in New York City since graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in graphic design. He was the comics consultant for Disney Adventures magazine, where he wrote and often drew the popular Last Laugh feature. John is the co-creator and illustrator of the graphic novel series Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden and Teen Boat!, both with writer Dave Roman. He has also worked as a writer, illustrator, or designer on comics and graphic novels for Nickelodeon Magazine, DreamWorks, Scholastic Graphix, and DC Comics. John lives in Brooklyn with zero cats and way too many LEGOs.

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