Friday, 26 February 2016

Character Talk: Little Women

I've decided to introduce a new segment to my blog called Character Talk. In it I plan on really focusing on specific characters, types of character, things I love or hate in characters etc. 

For my first ever Character Talk I am taking on the characters of Little Women. First I'll give you a rundown

Marmee- very wise and calm mother of 4 girls (Fun fact: I played Marmie in my grade 8 school play!)
Meg- The eldest daughter, she is very proper and follows the rules, she wants to have a family and is oftentimes envious of others rich lifestyles
Jo- definitely a tomboy, always running around, getting into messes and scuffles, she's got a temper too! She wants to be a writer
Beth- Sweet and gentle, she's very shy and quiet and her only aspiration is to live happily with her dolls, cats and family
Amy- youngest daughter, slightly spoiled and bratty, she always uses big words (oftentimes the wrong ones), and her life goal is to be rich and a famous artist

I first read Little Women when I was around 7 or 8, so I've got a pretty long history with this book and its characters. So I thought it would be really interesting to reflect on what I thought of characters as a kid and how those views changed/stayed the same as I got older.

When I was a kid... I loved Jo! I loved how she was wild and crazy and loud. She was basically the opposite of everything I was but I wanted to have that. I wanted to be wild, I wanted to be a tomboy. I loved that she was a bit off kilter. Even though I was quiet, I still oftentimes had a temper (which led to me being a total drama queen!) so I appreciated getting to read about Jo and how she learned to work through her temper. She was a writer and loved reading, which I really connected with. As a kid (and even now) I loved writing and telling stories. I think seeing her in particular overcome the obstacles she faced with getting her writing published, and in her life in general, really helped me to understand more about persevering.

When I was a kid... My favourite book was a tie between Good Wives and Little Men. I liked getting to see my beloved characters growing up and living their own lives. Plus their kids were absolutely adorable!

When I was a kid... I was really mad about who ended up with who! I definitely thought Jo belonged with a certain young man and was miffed when they didn't get together! I wasn't always sure what Meg saw in her man, but thought that they were cute together. And Amy and her beau just seemed like such a rushed relationship.

When I was a kid... I also really loved Beth because she shares a name with me! I really admired her sweet nature and willingness to help people. She loves musics and cats just like me! I think deep down inside I really connect with Beth's sweet, homebody nature.

Now... My favourite character is Meg! When I was a kid I never really thought much of her but now I've come to love her! I think she's a bit of an in between character to Beth and Jo's extremes. I admire her resourcefulness and hardworking spirit. As I've gotten older I've definitely become more and more of a homebody so I love reading about Meg with her happy family! Plus her relationship isn't perfect- her and John fight and disagree but above all they love. And that is my favourite!

Now... My favourite book is either Little Women or Jo's Boys. I love the original story of the girls and all the things they learned as they grew up. And then to see them as grown women imparting these same lessons onto their own kids was amazing. Plus I just LOVE how Jo's story turned out

Now... I totally understand what Meg saw in John and I understand why Jo and *spoiler*  Laurie couldn't end up together- it just wouldn't have worked! Although I do still think that Amy and Laurie should not have been a thing! If Laurie ended up with any of the girls it should have been Beth (so she could be pampered to her heart's content!)

While I have always loved Little Women, whether I was a kid or an adult, the things I've loved/hated have changed! What about you guys? Have you ever read a book where your opinion changed over time?

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