Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

By: Anne Michaels
Published: November 3rd, 2015
Publisher: Random House of Canada Limited
Source: Netgalley
My Rating: 5 out of 5


Miss Petitfour is an expert at baking and eating little cakes. She also has the most marvelous, everyday adventures. Her favorite mode of travel is by tablecloth, and on windy days she always takes her sixteen cats out for an airing.

Join Miss Petitfour and her feline companions as they embark on five magical outings, including a quest for “birthday cheddar” and a visit to the village’s annual Festooning Festival.

And if you prefer books in which nothing ever happens, books in which people (and cats) sit by the fire with buttery shortbread biscuits and steaming mugs of cocoa, books full of interesting facts that will never come in useful, and books with digressions and meanwhiles and long words and lists, then you will find plenty of that here too. (x)

My Thoughts 

This book makes the teacher in me so happy! Whenever I read a book, I read it for enjoyment but in the back of my mind I'm always thinking about how it could be incorporated into lesson plans or which lists I should put it on. My goal is to always have an answer when a child or parent asks me for a book recommendation and I can honestly say that this book has made my lesson plan list and my book recs list- its that good! 

There are 5 little adventures in this book- which make it a perfect book to serve as an introduction to chapter books, without being too intimidation. As a teacher, I love how certain words are bolded and highlighted in orange and I can already see all the vocab lessons I could use this book for! As well this book does have very beautiful illustrations that are great for kids who need a little extra visual stimulation. 

The writing in this book is absolutely phenomenal. I actually read several of the stories out loud because the words were just so beautifully combined they had to be spoken out loud. The cadence of this story was just mind boggling. As someone who reads books out loud a lot I wish every author had mastered their tone and style as successfully as Michaels has. While being extremely fun to read out loud it also still has the style that kids love to hear and read themselves. This book definitely was written for both adults and children a like- which is something I love. I've already added Anne Michaels as an author to look out for in the future, because I NEED more children's books like this one!

This is the kind of book that I would recommend for parents to read to their children, for teachers to read to their students and for young readers everywhere (or for people who enjoy stories with eccentric ladies living with a lot of cats, and readers who fondly remember reading stories like this in their childhood)

(Also can we talk about how this is pretty much my future?!?)

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