Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Jane Austen Academy

The Jane Austen Academy

Author: Cecilia Gray
Publisher: Gray Life, LLC
Source: Netgalley
My Rating: 4 out of 5


The Jane Austen Academy books are a series that follows the young students at an elite private school- called the Jane Austen Academy. Each story is told from the view point of a different heroine with appearances from the other girls as well!

To make this series even better, they are all retellings of Jane Austen books!

Titles are: Fall for You, So Into You, When I'm With You, Suddenly You, Only With You

My Thoughts

At first I was going to review each book separately because that is generally how I do it. But then I started to read them. And I couldn't stop.

There was that magical element about these books that hooked me the instant I started reading them. The girls are all so different and each have their own story but at the same time they are all part of a bigger whole. The characters are quirky and real, all with unique personalities that tie back to their old time counterparts in Jane Austen's books. Also them boys are pretty great. I enjoyed the books told from a female perspective but at the same time the male students and characters where seamlessly woven into it all making it an amazing read.

I always was sad when I had to leave a character behind because their book was finished. I grew to love them and just wanted what was best for them. But then inevitably I found myself falling for the main character of the next book, who was different from the ones who came before her but that just made me love her for her.

The storylines are superb. There is something about Gray's writing that just has the quality that makes wish that her stories would never end. As soon as I finished one book I immediately wanted to start the next and I dreaded the day when they would be over. I also loved how the stories were retellings of Jane Austen books in a modern setting but the plot wasn't copy and pasted with things updated to be more modern. They were full of twists and turns with a bit of unique spice to an old favourite story.

These books are ones that I will definitely be revisiting (possibly after I read all the Jane Austen stories) because they made the story come alive in my head in a way that doesn't always happen with retellings.

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