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TTT- Book Friendships

Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Books About Friendship

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke & The Bookish. Each week they host a different top ten topic. 

I chose to take this topic a little differently so I am going to look at my Top Ten Book Friendships (and friend groups). Because I think that the heroes friends are the people who support them through their journey but are oftentimes less noticed than the 'main hero'. In their own way, these friend pairings are all heroes! Plus I'm only going to do 5 because I'm already two days late!

In no particular order (except number one- it is my favourite friendship until I die, also number two is tied. But the others are all tied below those two)

1. Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Will and Jem are parabati- which is Shadowhunter word for two warriors who have been joined together. Their souls are entwined forever until one of the partner dies. Jem and Will have an unusually strong bond and I just love them togther so much. Each provides exactly what the other needs, and they always know, better than anyone else, just what to do. (I would share one of my favourite Will/Jem quotes but its a tad bit spoilery- so read the book instead!)

2. Harry, Ron and Hermione from The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

Oh the Golden Trio... 
As a child (and now an adult) the Golden Trio means a lot to me. It is an example of true friendship, all three characters have their moments of weakness and struggle but then the other two will offer a helping hand. None of them would have survived, if they didn't have the others to lean on. (Also the boys would not have lasted long without Hermione! But they help keep her grounded)

3. Augustus Waters and Isaac from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

A lot of the fovus in TFIOS is on the love story between Hazel and Gus. But I think there is another love story in this book- the love that Gus and Isaac share as best friends. *SPOILERS* At Gus' mock funeral (yes he is pretentious) in Isaac's eulogy he says that when the top scientist come to him in the future with robot eyes so he can see, he'll turn them down because he doesn't want to see a world without Augustus Waters... how's that for ultimate friendship?

4. Anne of Green Gables and Diana Barry from The Anne of Green Gables Series by LM Montgomery

These two characters are the dearest of bosom friends. When I was little I always wanted what Anne called a bosom friend (and now I have more than one!) but these two remain friends even though they take such different paths. That is something I love about their friendship- they aren't exactly the same but they make it work soooo well

5. Sam and Stef from the Incarnate Series by Jodi Meadows

These two boys (and sometimes girls) are born into new bodies when they die. But they have maintained their friendship through a thousand years of reincarnation, where one may be born as the other is about to die. Talk about devotion to a friend! They are cute and sassy and always know what the other needs, although sometimes they can be a little bit blind when it comes to things about the two of them...

Hope you enjoyed my post two days late! I wasn't organized and started writing it on Tuesday but then I had to work so it just didn't happen! 

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