Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Perks of Having Bookish Friends

Bookish Friends Are the Best!

Ever since I was little, I have been absolutely blessed to have friends who love to read as much as I do. In fact some of my friendships were made because of our mutual love for books.

Pretty much everyone of my friends loves to read. My best friend since kindergarten is possibly the exception- but with the right book she does love it. She posted the TFIOS trailer on my wall suggesting that we go see it together (we like to have movie dates) and I agreed but only if she read the book first. Conveniently I got her the book a week later for her birthday. Later we started making plans to get tickets and I reminded her that she needed to read the book first and she told me that she had read it in EIGHT HOURS!! I was so excited that she loved it enough to read it so fast! 

Another one of my long time friends is a huge book lover and we share our favourite authors (JK Rowling and Tamora Pierce). We oftentimes get in arguments about who introduced who to which author. (She thinks that she introduced me to Tamora Pierce but I think that I had already read her books when I met her). Either way, we decided to stop hating each other and instead become friends. We both went through a phase where we absolutely loved the Sisters Grimm books and we used to obsess over the latest book. 

The best thing way to make a bookish friend is to start talking about books. You'll discover which most loved books in common, and then you'll talk about your favourite quotes and when you both love the same quote, you pretty much know that a friendship is destined to happen. (This is how I met one of my friends in junior high- we both loved Harry Potter and our favourite quote was "I'm going to bed before either of you think of another clever idea to get us killed-or worst- expelled")

In high school I moved to a new school system, which was super scary, so for the first few weeks books were my only friends. But then I met some amazing girls in band, and what do you know- they loved to read! At lunch times we would talk about our favourite books, and share the latest book that we had read. For Christmas and birthdays we would get each other books. (We would even swap lists of books that we already owned so that we didn't buy each other a book we already had). We recently started putting little notes in the books we give each other so that we can keep track of them (ie. Merry Christmas! 2013 from ____) 

Then in university, I made a friend, and after talking we discovered that we both loved to read and shared similar book interests. Pretty much from that moment on, I knew that we would have to be friends! We shared books that we loved, and gave each other recommendations. I lent her a book and later in the week my friend admitted that she had finished it in a day. 
I read a quote once (in a Tamora Pierce book) about how mutual love of books can create amazing friendships and that is so true. It always gives you something to talk about, whether its a book you've all read or a book you want your friends to read. Plus then you can all get together and just have reading parties! 

My bookish friends have always been the best of friends, and I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Books cemented our friendships and then they become so much more. So go out and talk to someone about books- you never know what might happen!

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