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Blog Tour: A Life, Redefined

A Life, Redefined

By: Tracy Hewitt Meyer
Published: June 21st, 2013
Publisher: Cerulean Publishing
Genre: New Adult
Source: given to review for blog tour
My Rating: 5 out of 5


Book One in the Rowan Slone series

Seven years ago, an innocent act by Rowan Slone turned her life into a nightmare. Since the age of ten she's lived with the burden of her baby brother's death. Now she is seventeen and all she wants to do is graduate high school, go to college, and escape the loveless family she has endured all these years—the same family that holds her responsible for his death. But no one holds her responsible more than herself.

When long-time crush Mike Anderson invites her to the Prom, suddenly her future looks brighter. Rowan's younger sister, Trina, however, is determined to ruin her new-found happiness, no matter the cost. And when Rowan discovers her mother’s long-held secret, she finds herself teetering on the edge of an abyss. Can Rowan find the strength to move toward the future or is she doomed to dwell in the past?

My Thoughts

The blurb of this book definitely intrigued me and I was super excited to read it. A lot of the time the constant romance/romance as the sole plotline in contemporary books really throws me off. While A Life, Redefined does have a little bit of romance to it, there is also so much more to Rowan's story. Plus Meyer has a writing style that is gritty, full of twists and turns, but still believable and heart-breaking.

This book does deal with many difficult issues that could be triggering to people but I also feel like its important to increase awareness- these things do happen and we as a society are responsible for fixing that and helping people in these situations

Rowan is a fabulous main character, having recently got out of high school myself, I really appreciate the raw realness to her character. Her story is incredibly tough, but its also the story of many kids in the world today. And I think that it can give hope to these people- that things can get better. I appreciate how Rowan is tough but at the same time she is very sensitive and hurting inside, which I think is the persona that a lot of teenagers put out there. The rest of the cast is also incredbily well written- I don't think that I could point out one time where a character acted differently than a person of their age/gender in real life would!

I absolutely could not put this book down- I read it in 2 days instead of the week I'd originally planned to read it in! So I would recommend this book to people who enjoy books on tough subjects, are looking for a gentler start to the New Adult genre, contemporary novels or stories where romance is not the main plot.

*I am currently reading A Life, Forward (Book 2) and loving it just as much!

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  1. Great review! Thanks for being on the A Life, Forward blog tour, Elizabeth!!