Sunday, 19 January 2014

Why I Read

Why I Read

The other day I was thinking about why I read and I came up with two categories: 

1.  Because I Have To-  this category involves my least favourite type of reading; the stuff that I have to read for school. In high school I didn't enjoy reading a lot of the books we had to for English because I found them to be unnecessarily dark and hopeless.
Now that I'm in university the reading I have to do is mostly just plain boring. A lot of my textbooks are math and science books and they are exceptionally dry but luckily I don't have to read them.  For my other classes (like Anthro and History) the texts are required reading so I force myself to try to pay attention. More often that not my brain wanders a lot when I read textbooks so reading even just a few pages is painful.

I mean who wouldn't want to read 1516 pages + appendix of pure physics! (Hint: not me)

2. Because I Love To- this is the reason that I've loved reading every since I was old enough to remember listening to my parents read to me. I just love everything about reading-the smell of books, the thrill of the story, meeting new characters.
I think that one thing that thrilled me when I was little was that reading offered such a great opportunity to learn new things. Learning has always been something that I loved (I still do!). If the book was non-fiction I learned whatever subject it was about but even fiction books taught me things. I gained a very impressive vocabulary for books, and I was an amazing speller growing up.
As I've grown-up I think the biggest reason that I love to read is how it can transport you anywhere. I never had many friends as a kid (and got bullied fairly frequently) so  reading also gave me so many wonderful friends who where always there if I needed them. All I had to do was open up the book and I'd be transported instantly to their world and then things just didn't seem so bad.  My imagination is (and was ) huge and so I can never get enough of fantasy worlds where woman are knights, where they are powerful and smart and more than their looks. Where magic is real and good triumphs over evil, where absolutely anything can happen.

A poor quality photo of some of my friends that I brought to university with me

To this day I love reading and use it as a means of relaxing and escaping. Some of my best friends have been made over books and my relationship with my mom has taken off now that we read similar books. I was born a reader and I will die a reader!

What about you guys? Any similar/different thoughts on why you read or what initially got you into reading?

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