Tuesday, 21 January 2014

TTT- What I Want More Of

Top Ten Tuesday: What I Want More Of

(aka what will automatically make me pick up a book)

1. DragonsI've read a lot of books about dragons but I can never get enough of them! 
2. Warrior Women-this is a broader category but if your book has a female protagonist and she isn't a damsel in distress it automatically makes it onto my too read list
3. University books- I would love a book about someone who goes off to university and doesn't instantly fit in. Someone who doesn't get along with their roommates, who finds classes difficult (and doesn't get a 4.0 GPA!)
4. Set not in the US-I've read so many great YA books set in the States but I would love to see a few other countries featured. Somewhere like Africa would be particularly cool(if its set in Canada I will shriek with excitement and read it)
5. More historical fiction- Particularly about young women from/in history. Whether they were real characters in history or not I always love historical YA girls!
6. More Fantasy- I am a huge fan of anything fantasy and always want more. Since a lot of books that I've been reading are dystopian I'd like a bit more fantasy on my shelf
7. Female Protagonists That Don't Centre On Romance- I'd like to see more stories of young women going on adventures, living life, even becoming friends with boys or getting close to them but having that not be the main plot
8. More Representation-I want to see more racially diverse characters, genderfluid characters, non-binary characters etc

These two aren't particularly things that authors could write but there are still two things that I would love to happens!

9.Less Half-Naked People- I find that so many YA books (mostly contemporary) have half-naked people (guys and/or girls) on them and instantly it turns me away. I want to know what the book is about and if its about half-naked people I'll never pick it up
10. More Old-Fashioned Covers- I absolutely love the old-fashioned guilded- beautiful covers. If a book has a cover like that I will pick it up, no matter what its about! (Like this beautiful collector's edition of Eragon!)

What sort of things do you guys look for? Link your TTT!

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