Monday, 2 December 2013

Top Ten 2014 Books

Top Ten Books in 2014 That I Can't Wait to Read

from the lovelies at thebrokeandbookish
All these books are being published sometime in 2014

1. Infinite~ Jodi Meadows

Published on January 28th
Not only does this book have a beautiful cover it is the last book in one of my favourite series. I absolutely love Ana and Sam and can't wait to read the conclusion of their story!

2. City Of Heavenly Fire~ Cassandra Clare

Published May 27th
This is also the final book of a series that I love. I really enjoyed the last book of Clare's Infernal Devices Series and I hope that this final book will be just as amazing!

3. Cress~ Marissa Meyer

Published February 4th
This series is a cool twist on the classic fairy tales- I loved Cinder (book #1) based on Cinderella and Scarlet (book #2) based on Red Riding Hood and can't wait to get the Rapunzel version of this world!

4. Side Effects May Vary ~ Julie Murphy

Published March 18th
This one seems a bit like a cross between The Fault In Our Stars and Thirteen Reasons Why where everyone survives. It should be an interesting read

5. All That Glows~ Ryan Graudin

Published February 11th
I'm actually getting an ARC of this beauty so expect my review in a few weeks! This book is set in an alternate universe Britain and as a fantasy element which are two of my favourite things to read about

6. Defy ~ Sara B. Larson

Published January 7th
This book as elements of my favourite books by Tamora Pierce- mainly a female character who wants to defy societal gender norms and become a fighter. I've never read anything by this author but I think I'll give this one a try

7. Independent Study ~ Joelle Charbonneau

Published January 7th
I picked up The Testing (book #1) this year and absolutely loved it. It is dystopian and has a bit of a Hunger Games/ Legend feel to it. I can't wait to catch up with Cia again.

8. Death Sworn ~ Leah Cypess

Published March 4th
This book has it all: magic, a female protagonist, assassins, intrigue...

9. Vitro- Jessica Khoury

Published January 14th
This is just one that I think looks interesting- has a bit of intrigue and mystery plus a fantastical element. I'll probably get it on ebook first

10. Avalon~ Mindee Arnett

Published January 21st
I just found this book when I was looking at others books published in 2014. It seems interesting, set on a space ship and seems a bit like a cross between Ender's Game and Star Trek.

11. Exile ~ Tamora Pierce

This book is expected to be published in 2014 and doesn't have a cover yet but since its by Tamora Pierce and tells the story of one of the old characters I love- I can't wait to read this.

Sorry about the formatting of this post- I had a lot of difficulty getting the program to centre/align things the way that I want them. But I'm fed up with it so it's staying this way!


  1. I hadn't realized Pierce was finally going to publish her Numair book. I LOVED all her books as a middle schooler, but I haven't read too many of her newer releases. I would really love to see Pierce step out of Tortall and Emelan and do something original again, rather than continuously writing about old characters, or people related to old characters.

    1. Her older writings are definitely better than some of her newer ones. I have found that her newer books just aren't as good (Mastiff...) I enjoy the newer Tortall ones more than the new Emelan ones though. But I agree it definitely would be nice to see a new world!

  2. Familiar with all but two and on the fence about one. Especially looking forward to Cress and Vitro!

    1. I'd never heard of Vitro until I did some browsing but now I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Soooooo excited to read Avalon! I snagged an ARC from Edelweiss but haven't started it yet... =S Also SUPER excited for Cress!! Only 2 months to go!

    1. What is Edelweiss? It seems so close and yet so far away until Cress! XD